Wonders of the Sea accommodation in Cape Town

A working dock may not seem like the perfect vacation spot, but in Cape Town the shoreline area offers an incredible amount, including luxurious and relaxing options.

The historic Victoria & Albert Waterfront is a lively harbor with tugboats bringing in cruise ships and container ships calling at the Duncan harbor. Thus, it is easy to think that Waterfront does not have a suitable room to satisfy the tastes of sophisticated visitors.

The Waterfront Victoria & Alfred was named after Prince Alfred, who began construction of the harbor in 1860, and his mother, Queen Victoria.

In early 1988, Waterfront Victoria & Alfred was updated to add a variety of modern amenities. The update has turned the area into a shopping, dining and entertainment area.

The modernization plan also included the addition of a variety of accommodations, including apartments for residents, hotels and apartments for holiday visitors.

The modern high-end Waterfront has become the most visited tourist destination in South Africa with more than 20 million visitors a year. There are a variety of things that attract visitors to the area.

Waterfront Victoria & Alfred is probably popular because it provides something for everyone with its old and modern architecture, water, boats, shopping, dining and nature.

Apartments in the Waterfront area offer views that can make you feel like a king. From the balcony of the first-line apartment, you can watch people stroll and entertaining acts are performed under your eyes. You can also explore the surrounding scenery, including the Tableau Mountains and the Durbanville Hills vineyards on the other side of the Tableau Bay.

The first line apartment gives you easy access to the variety of restaurants and shops in the area. This allows you to have plenty of options for what to eat for each meal without having to venture far from your accommodation.

After enjoying the food and before heading back to your Waterfront apartment, you can enjoy a variety of street entertainment, including music and mime performances. You can enjoy the fun of street performers while having a warm evening.

The attractions on the shores of Victoria and Alfred are varied enough to keep you coming back. There is always something to watch, including boats, people and even seals that hang on the tires near the walls of the harbor, enjoying the warmth of the sun while they rest.

Those looking for more than just watching people and street performers can enjoy shopping at Waterfront stores. There are a variety of stores with high quality items to suit many tastes, whether you are looking for souvenirs or just some retail therapy. If you are visiting the Waterfront with children, the two-ocean aquarium is a must-see attraction for adults as well.