The best Davao hotels are comfortable for tourists

Hotels in Davao are all around the subway. It is impossible for a tourist to run out of hotel accommodation for their trip to this city. This city has a wide range of hotel accommodations, from four-star hotels such as Marco Polo Davao, Apo View Hotel, Grand Regal Hotel, Royal Mandaya and Waterfront Hotel to small but cozy lodges and chalets. If the aforementioned hotels are well above your budget, these two recommended hotels below may meet your needs without stretching your funds.

Bagobo Hotel

The proximity of this hotel to restaurants, shopping malls and a relaxation area can make it convenient for visitors or tourists to get almost anything you need in just a few minutes on foot. The hotel is close to just about everything, especially Gaisano Mall, a great shopping spot. If you are on a long vacation in Davao City, you will find yourself returning to this mall, which is only a block away from the hotel. It houses almost everything you will look for in order to survive the boredom, there is a movie theater, a billiard room, a variety of selections for shopping.

Room amenities:

The accommodation is quite modest, offering very clear amenities. A hotel that can meet the needs of the budget for a bed and shower.

  • The room rate is very budget friendly and slightly negotiable for a longer stay at the hotel. If you are a realist and would choose luxury for convenience, this is the hotel you need to stay.
  • The hotel's laundry services are excellent and they are reasonably priced.
  • Like all modern Davao hotels, this hotel offers Wi-Fi service, but it will be an additional charge in addition to paying for your room accommodation.
  • Daily staff maintenance.
  • 24/7 security

Mandaya Hotel

Davao City Hotel, located in the city center. This is a 220-room hotel that represents native tribal culture and style. Its great location provides primary access to the city's industrial face and leisure facilities.

  • They offer free transfers from the hotel to the airports for guests. Highly recommended for the first time tourists in Davao City
  • The pool is already included in the payment for accommodation in the hotel room.
  • Welcome drink to all who stay at the hotel.

Unique features

  • Downtown location, convenient for just about any establishment you may need to go to.
  • The tall hotel will give you access to magnificent views of Apo Mountain, Davao Bay and the entire city