The reticent sailor: tips for the beginner of navigation


Take a walk through any sports harbor and you will soon find the classic navigation characters: the old enthusiast who patiently restores a wooden shell to its old elegance; the dedicated corridor, retouching its cutting edge craftsmanship; or even a tan-man from BMW, who appears on sunny weekends to get his last wife a turn on his motor boat.
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Go to the bar and you will find them easily. The old hand, undone, ready for all the important work against the fault. The smart executive, shaded in his hand, leads to an enthusiastic team creation session. Or the student whitened by the sun, cool of his year he went to embark on the Med.
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But, and the rest? What about unknown sailors? What happens to those resigned men who, worn out after years of reflections, sweet bumps and conversations, finally pronounce the ferocious words: “Oh, for God and, therefore, good!”
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With less time it takes to lift a main candle, these women (since they are usually women) are nervously clinging to the deck of a ship, trying to reach an agreement with the fact that the yachts stand out. it’s a good thing.
There is a surprising number of these reticent sailors. Most, like me, would prefer not to ever stand on a boat, but, driven by the need to see their comrades crawled on candle for at least a weekend of twenty, occasionally venturing into the water.
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In my case, my condition of “Browsing reticent” is due, above all, to the fear of leaving to someone else’s environment, where I have no control.
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I do not like to have the control. When a yacht surpasses, I want to know that it is & # 150; that I! & # 150; You can do something to correct it. When we open a narrow channel, I want to know how to avoid unseen rocks or other boats and, when my children sit on the deck, I want to know how to rescue them if they fall into the water.
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Education is the key and, unfortunately, this means that I, as the new terrorist who owns a yacht, now faces the perspective of learning to navigate, so I am not afraid to navigate.

But my reluctance not only stems from fear. There are many other reasons why I am not interested in browsing. It is cold. It is wet Normally it rains and it is always uncomfortable. Be honest now. How many good nights & # 146; the dream you’ve ever had on a yacht?

And yes, although there are around three days of each year where climate, location and business are combined to make browsing a happy experience, does this really make up for the other 362 days that it does not?

My husband thinks yes. And then, nine years after changing our boat for a baby and a couple of patio doors, I finally ceded. We have bought a yacht.

He is happy Children are happy I & # 133; I have reached some basic rules to keep me happy and # 133;

  1. Rule of the Fourth Force & # 150; The Reluctant Mariner will not put his foot on the ship if the forecast indicates winds above force 4. (This rule is an adaptation of the existing 12 ° C rule to navigate with a boat)
  2. The rule of the sun & # 150; Mariner Reticent will not navigate if there is no sunrise during the shipping expedition period.
  3. The Rule of Anchorage & # 150; The anchorage of the navigator will not accept an anchor unless it is less than 100 meters from a pub / restaurant / hotel and, preferably, a small city with a guaranteed escape route.
  4. The rule of the fair of the fair & # 150; The Sailing Fanatic will agree every week / weekend that the Reluctant Ship is sailing with a week / weekend in a warm, dry and comfortable place, preferably to the foreigner.
  5. The rule of not listening & # 150; The Sailatic Fanatic should not shout with enthusiasm when he asks the reticent sailor to do something. The Birth of Reluctant reserves the right to tell the Sailing Fanatic where he places his boat if he raises his voice.
  6. The rule of rain & # 150; If the Mariner’s reluctance to cover is not required to prevent capsules, collisions or other experience near death, the Saatic Fanatic will take care of all the work on the deck while it rains. The Reluctant Sailor will have coffee and Kit-Kat & # 146; s in the cabin.
  7. Maintenance rule & # 150; You can not expect the reticent sailor to keep the ship under any circumstances. The words “anti-fouling”, “sanding” and “painting” have no interest in Sailor Reluctant.
  8. The rule too much of the time & # 150; The Sailing Fanatic does not have permission to enter at a time when the Reluctant Sailor mentions casually that the Sailing Fanatic has spent the last four weekends playing with this miserable boat, and that the beautiful divorce of the next house is ” He has moved to keep Reluctant. Seafaring company
  9. Packing rule & # 150; The Sailing Fanatic will keep your mouth firmly closed on the packaging of a sailing expedition. The reticent seaman reserves the right to carry anything and everything that is necessary to sustain it through the test.
  10. The rule of children & # 150; The Reluctant Mariner will not be the sole person responsible for entertaining / controlling children in the vicinity of a crowded and non-coached boat. The Sailing Fanatic has wanted a family candle experience and a family-surfing experience.
  11. The rule of money & # 150; The Sailatic Fanatic accepts that once the navigation budget has disappeared. You just have to wait for that essential team bit. Any suggestion that is not fair will not leave any ice to the sailor, who is perfectly aware of its morality on the subject of navigation and money, and will calmly signal the extreme cost of buying the bloody boat. .

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