Sometimes, the crypto gospel is spread in family affairs.

Natalia Ameline, the creator’s mother, Vitalik Buterin and co-founder of Educational Non-Profit CryptoChicks is trying to establish the world-wide booknote literacy programs.

He told CoinDesk that CryptoChicks has run programs so far in Pakistan with Toronto with 608 students and young developers. CryptoChicks works with Blockgeeks, an educational startup at the head of Ameline ex-spouse, Dmitry Buterin, on the blockchain-agnostic curriculum that covers everything in the bikini clever contracts for major business principles.
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Still, CryptoChicks is not turning into Ameline’s son’s business connections, such as Fenbushi Capital, to fund the first CryptoChicks hackathon in Bahamas this August. In fact, sponsors of past conferences have emerged as companies such as Microsoft, IBM and the Royal Bank of Canada, are not Crypto companies, such as Ethereum Foundation. These programs range from coding seminars that are intended for women for hactacks.

“We are an educational organization, not a political organization,” says Ameline. “We want women and young people to maximally maximize their choice.”

CryptoChicks co-founder Ellen Simelnikova told CoinDesk group programs for all sexes, even though they prioritize the recruitment of women participants, which seems to be more important for women to be more involved in their space, so as not to create a brilliance.