What is the best sailing clubs insurance?

[ad_1] For more than 19 years, I have provided insurance programs to clubs based in the marina. If I had to ask this question to a room full of insurers and insurance brokers operating in this specialized segment, I am sure there would be a deafening cry as each one tried to state that his […]

How can you choose once!

[ad_1] Sometimes, even the best sailors will not be able to control their boat in such a strong time, whether the boat in question is the largest and the smallest yacht. So, there is an option available: Reefing. The bar reef reduces the sail surface of a ship. Normally, for unique handlers, it is only […]

Surf the winds of Papagayo in Costa Rica

[ad_1] The Gulf of Papagayo is known as the capital all-inclusive of Costa Rica. These resorts align with the beaches, although some of these resorts are within walking distance. Tourists come to this place to spend their holidays in Costa Rica. Tourists love the calm and warm waters that are in the protected golf, perfect […]

Boat insurance to insure your ships

[ad_1] The insurance, in any way, is a blessing disguised! It protects you from yourselves and your possessions in times of need and anguish. Therefore, entities and possessions that are priceless and priceless must be insured well in advance. An insurance policy will guarantee that you or your invaluable entity are safe and covered during […]

Boats of Property Hazards

[ad_1] I agree, I admit it. I love boats. Sail boats, motor boats, boats, even canoes. I do not know why. They all cost unjustifiable money and require a great commitment of time and money for maintenance and repair. And, of course, there is always this remote possibility of drowning them while they are used. […]

How to choose a main candle in five easy steps!

[ad_1] Did you know that you can get your boat to sail better and faster when you choose a main sail? You might think that the navigation to go back was only to navigate with strong winds. But often, your boat will navigate smoother, faster and easier with this simple and easy-to-use technique. Here are […]

Nautical of the Caribbean, holiday rental in life

[ad_1] When you choose nautical yachts from the Caribbean for your upcoming holidays, it will be almost like having your exclusive luxury hotel on the water. If you choose the option with crew for your sailing holiday, you should not raise a finger. If you already have experience in navigation, you can rent a yacht […]

Boats and boats

[ad_1] Swimming seems to be the most interesting and fun event for everyone in this world. Thus, to experience the best ship, everyone should come out with the best boat that is strong enough to navigate in any type of weather and water. Nautical is not such an entertaining event and it is not an […]