Boats of Property Hazards


I agree, I admit it. I love boats. Sail boats, motor boats, boats, even canoes. I do not know why. They all cost unjustifiable money and require a great commitment of time and money for maintenance and repair. And, of course, there is always this remote possibility of drowning them while they are used.

However, nothing of this is important when you are out of a glorious summer afternoon enjoying all that swimming can offer. The salting boat through the water, navigate perfectly with a cold drink (not alcoholic, of course) on the list surrounded by your loved ones. Life does not improve better than that. Photos are taken. Sun protection is applied. And plans are planned for future adventures by boat.

Back to the dock, reality begins to invade your thoughts. If we continue to have fun with this boat, it is better to start to solve or improve some things. Maybe it's time for a new security post? What about the engine? Should I think about solving the initial problem? And what about that smell that seems to emanate from the support tank?

The task list for the boat owner is always one thing. Both the list of updates desires and the unpleasant reality of cleaning, polishing, glazeing, repairing and general maintenance can lead you to ask yourself what the name of the sky you thought when you thought that the ownership of the boat was something what did you want in your already busy? life Even the dog is watching you as if you are crazy when you load the pulley with a sheet of fresh paper. But, as you finish this new coat of varnish and see how wonderful your yacht is (yes, now it's a yacht) and you stay in the eye and admire your skill with the brush, it seems that is it worth it. The boats are beautiful. All of them Something about this symbiotic relationship of form and function that causes the heart to beat him a little more quickly.

When the work is over, you will have to stroll through the docks. Very dangerous The eye can not help to fall into those bigger and even more beautiful floating dangers. This is where you can get twofootitis. He is highly contagious and can hit the boat owner at any time, but never more than when the list is being treated. With the thought of a new ship, the list has just disappeared. Of course, the new dream boat will be perfect and ready to go only with the wink and wink, right? Of course, the reality is that the new ship arrives complete with its own list. You need to install electronics, buy additional candles, maybe a new adder, the list may be very long.

You may still need to consider a new boat. Something of 4 feet more secure than it would be good. Bigger is better, right? These attractive ads of bright hunting magazines seem so sweet. They make the mind go to places of unbelievable wealth and leisure time. I know I'm hooked. I have already chosen my trip as soon as I achieved this great victory in the lottery. Forty strange feet of teak and fiberglass, with all the bells and whistles. All luxuries also, washing machine / dryer, refrigerator, heat and cold running. The works. Of course, he will also be an interpreter who has not seen before. I think about 7 knots in a 6-knot breeze. It is a dream to remember.

Of course, you have to wake up eventually and face the fact that you will not win this lottery and probably already have a boat that will leave you in the water. Thank you for what you have. So the head sticks a bit and you need to rinse the fuel line each time before starting the engine. At least, get out of the water. After all, is not the point?