National Regatta of the Family Islands: the great sailing event in the world


Every year, for only four days, the best sailors of all the Bahamian islands converge to Elizabeth Harbor on the Exuma Island for the National Family Relay Regatta. During these four days, Bahamian sailors are ready to navigate their boats built locally by the so coveted title "Best of Bahamas." The competition is fierce and the atmosphere lives with emotion, as boat enthusiasts around the world go down on this picturesque island in the sun. From the first race held in April 1954, the National Regatta of the Family Islands has grown in size and popularity. Today, although the race is still the main attraction, visitors are invited to participate in countless activities in the interior of the sea, such as fashion shows, beauty competitions, halter weight competitions, volleyball tournaments and endless parties This festival, without a doubt, differs from its early days when the boats were smaller and less participants.

It was in April of 1954, when about 70 Ghosts, bahames twigs and bars met in Elizabeth Harbor for a three-day race event. The first participants in the event were enthusiastic about the competition and undoubtedly achieved the reward that offered the victory to the competition. Unlike the boats you see competing in the event, the first sailors of 1954 ran on the same boats that used to make a living. These work boats were fast, but the sailors realized that they would have a better chance of winning prizes if they had even faster boats. This competitive spirit led many sailors to enter the race with boats designed for speed in the second year of competition. One of the first goals of the regatta was to help preserve the Bahames' boatbuilding skills, and with the prizes they gave prizes, Bahamian sailors were motivated to maintain this tradition. Nowadays, the regatta draws competition boats of the highest quality from practically all the Bahamas islands, all of which are classified in one of the five classes, A to E. Although the race has changed, the objective continues being the same: to show himself a better Bahamian sailor

The Island Squad Committee The first organizers were pleased that the event was successful, but soon they realized that if the event would continue to grow, they should form an appropriate committee that supervised each year. Hence the Squadron of the island from outside was created. The committee was formed by eager Navy from the Bahamas and the United States, and these members assumed the responsibility of sponsoring and planning the regatta. From 1954 until 1967, this same committee organized what became a famous annual race event at Elizabeth Harbor, in the beautiful and historic city of George, in Exuma island exotic.

Regatas de la Isla de los Familiares The success of the event always depended on the skills and enthusiasm of the sailors and with the years, the quality of the boats and their drivers improved. The National Regatta of the Islands of the Family is about competence and excellence. World class sailors are confronted with each other in extreme competition that tests skill and resistance. The competition rules dictate that the sailing ships must be designed, built and navigated by a Bahamian. There are also strict restrictions on the construction materials used to keep these boats as closely related to their traditional origins.

Although the nautical world has changed in many ways, the National Water Race at Elizabeth Harbor, George Town is one of the last places where you can see sailing boats designed with the unique Bahamian tradition. Getting to the edge of Elizabeth Harbor and witnessing the arrival of a traditional Bahamian schooners is a wonderful thing that you should not forget. The National Regatta of the National Isles is not only a week full of fun, full of enthusiasm, but also a unique opportunity to participate in Bahamian history, a story of which all the islanders are proud.