How can you choose once!


Sometimes, even the best sailors will not be able to control their boat in such a strong time, whether the boat in question is the largest and the smallest yacht.

So, there is an option available: Reefing.

The bar reef reduces the sail surface of a ship. Normally, for unique handlers, it is only the main one, but on both sailing ships, Genoa can be replaced by a stormy dagger in very windy weather.

For unique handlers, the candle can be simply ripped off without removing the entire candle or wrapping it a few times on the main and is the easiest way to reduce the area of ​​the candle and if the boat also has a small dagger, it is only necessary I do not put it.

On two larger sailing ships it is usually more difficult, as you need a front navigation to create a slot (see my exclusive June item) to help the wind to travel through the main sailing. Therefore it is possible to use a storm dagger.

The main one is reduced first by cutting the second hole up (above the cunningham), next to the stick, to a clip on the boom. At that time, the candle usually has some chunks of string. Use a spinning knot (left to the right and to the right to the left), connect the two first ones narrowly and the third one in a loose form (since it usually passes over the sheet that covers the main blade ).

Finally, at the other end of the boom you should be able to shoot towards the back of the candle downwards, ending the reef. And, to conclude the reef, make sure it is well-fixed so that it stays in full and does not interfere with the aerodynamics of the candle.

Of course, I would not advise you to refuel in a hurricane, but you should not leave. If you do not think you are capable of making a certain wind, even with a reef, do not go out or go out with someone you trust you have more experience than you.

Do not risk it!