Sailing rental in Palma De Mallorca-Mallorca

[ad_1] More than 50 years of vacation, although more than 90% of the holidays are taken to the stations located few kilometers from the sea. The seawater, swimming, a new and contrasted environment for our everyday existence are all rejuvenating. A walk to the beach, followed by a soft bath, will do more exercise in […]

Charter of boats in the Seychelles – Do you know the ABC to navigate this archipelago?

[ad_1] Beaches in the Seychelles archipelago are among the most famous in the world and have appeared in many movies and advertising sites. Surfing here means experiencing this dream landscape first hand. Admire the stunning coral atolls, a unique wildlife in this archipelago, lush mountains and colonial architecture. The conditions for the rental of yachts […]

Marazion – A history of the local sailing competition

[ad_1] There are sailing and races organized in Mount Bay dating to the middle of the 19th century. One of the local sailing clubs, the Sailing Club of Mount Bay, has trophies for this period; These trophies are still awarded annually for the sporting boat competition. The first serious class race probably began in 1903 […]