Navigate to the Costa del Sol

[ad_1] Spain is part of the European Union and all European and American citizens can visit the country for a period not exceeding 90 days with only one passport. The EU national can apply for a residence permit if he wishes to extend his stay. Non-EU citizens can request an extension of 90 days. It […]

Candle and Insertion of Older

[ad_1] Effective sailing The present candles are very different from their ancestors in the period prior to the polyester revolution. The shape has always been the most important factor in the efficiency of the candle, and the time was when he chose the most suitable canvas for the conditions, he took it out and picked […]

Members of Club NĂ utic – The advantages

[ad_1] The members of the yacht club have a lot to offer to a person who wants to maximize their possibilities with the sailing experience. For people who can not or do not want to have their personal boat, options are often limited in terms of navigation. You could usually book a top quality boat […]

How far can I navigate in a day?

[ad_1] How far can you navigate within 24 hours? If you want to go on a sailing cruise, you need this ability to sail so you can bring sufficient food, water, fuel and material to your sailing crew. Use these simple navigation tips. What type of sailboat is sailing? The speed of navigation depends on […]

5 Benefits for physical health and mental health

[ad_1] Surfing is not only beneficial for the body, but for the mind and soul. You can get an excellent fitness regime while you will spend a good time under the sun. Here are some of the advantages to the health of navigation. 1. Physical evaluation – The constant task of stretching and hoisting a […]