Sailing: take advantage of wind and water power

[ad_1] It is an absolutely clear and calm day, and the wind and the water move in the same direction. This is not the most ideal situation for any sailor, since there is not a good amount of energy to be extracted for the movement. Energy is captured by the difference in movement, between wind […]

Going to rent a pet adventure with adventure

[ad_1] If you're on vacation, the biggest challenge you'll encounter is finding someone who is willing to feed and take care of your pet while you're away. Therefore, it may be a good idea to label your pet throughout your next trip. There are several rental sailing companies that accept pets that allow you to […]

Sailing in Greece

[ad_1] Navigating Greece offers visitors the chance to discover the hidden splendor of Greece and the Greek Islands. Experience the luxury of sailing in the warm and turquoise waters of Greece and exploring hidden coves in remote Greek islands. Let yourself be anchored in a solitary bay and sunbathe on untouched sandy beaches that can […]

Benefit from online navigation lessons

[ad_1] Online candle lessons are a convenient way to learn how to navigate. Some candle websites provide animation or simulation techniques and navigation skills to better understand them. These lessons are also a practical way to learn how to navigate, because you will not have to pay the difference when attending a sailing school. However, […]

5 best sailing destinations in Europe

[ad_1] One of the fascinating places of sailing around the world is Europe that offers you a life experience. Filled with many captivating countries that practice sandy beaches, secluded coves, ancient ruins, historic cities, luxurious resorts and deep blue waters, you can find thousands of cheap sailing destinations to spend the summer vacations in peace. […]

Are you considering a letter of luxury yachts?

[ad_1] The luxury yacht rental is simply renting a luxury yacht. It could be a luxury nautical yacht or luxury yacht charter, but in any way it is chartered what is considered a luxury boat. The luxury for its definition must be a yacht from the top of the market. The luxury yacht is really […]