Rental of yachts in Split – The best destinations of Sail Croatia


Split is the largest city on the Adriatic coast. It is full of stunning places to see, it has great restaurants to try out and great sports ports to start a Croatian sailing chart. There are numerous coves and beaches to anchor and relax. Croatia has approximately 3,600 kilometers of coastline, of which the Dalmatian coast with its impressive islands and steep limestone cliffs is the most popular stretch. Split is located in the center of the city and offers a great infrastructure for practicing navigation and an unforgettable experience due to its unique beauty. Split sailing yacht rental is one of the same, so we tell you a bit.

You are planning a boat rental in Split: how to get there?

Split is easily accessible. Its international airport is 24 km northwest of the city. It is the second largest in Croatia after Zagreb and manages millions of passengers every year. During the summer, there are many seasonal rental flights for most of the biggest European destinations, so going on a sailing holiday to Split is very easy.

If you prefer to travel by car, you can travel to a well developed network of roads in Croatia and the Adriatic road will take you directly to Split.

Split is also well connected to ferry with Italy and there are many ferry connections from Split to the ski resorts and the Dalmatian coastline ports.

Which sport ports in Split are the most suitable for sailing boats without boats?

Split ACI Marina, southwest of the historic center, has 364 places for yachts up to 80 m. It is perfectly protected by a long breakwater and offers a wide range of repair services and facilities.

Marina Lav Split, with the luxury complex attached Le Meridien Lav, is located 8km southeast of the city center and has 74 moorings for boats up to 40m. There are restaurants, bars, a spa and wellness center, an indoor and outdoor pool, a casino and disco, beaches, a day care center, a laundry service and many other facilities that marina visitors can use.

Marina Kastela, 7 km from the airport, can accommodate 400 yards of up to 100 meters and has all the basic needs, such as water and electricity, as well as some nautical services.

What does Split offer after browsing?

In charter vacations in Split, you can combine the navigation with the city and know the local culture. Here are some suggestions on what to do:

Traveling to Split is fantastic. You need to see the Palace and the Diocletian's Mausoleum dating back to the 4th century. It is one of the best preserved Roman palaces. Visit the statue of Grgur Ninski or the cathedral and the bell tower of Saint Domnius: you can climb the tower and see Split from above. The whole old town with its street maze is wonderfully picturesque. Stroll along the Riva, which is the seafront promenade. Take a look at the Archaeological Museum of numerous Roman ruins and artifacts.

To relax on Bacvice Beach, for example.

The shops in the old city are fantastic and you will find many elegant and fun stores and galleries.

Look for a tasting of wines and cheeses, for example in the Marcus Marulus Jazz Bar library. Shows local products from Croatia and Bosnia in the 15th century environment surrounded by about 1,000 books. The bar is located in front of the city's museum in the old town.

Try the Dalmatian cuisine that contains a lot of seafood, but also very plentiful dishes such as roasted lamb.

If you want to know the nightlife, try the Hemingway bar in the center or if you want to meet other people with a pub tracking.

Watch dolphins or sea turtles. Take water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, water skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking and many more. Or rent a bicycle and make bicycles around the area. In Split you have a lot to do and explore, so go ahead and take advantage of the beauty of this incredible Dalmatian city.

What are the best days of flight from Split?

When you make sailing or yachts rentals in Split, there are numerous attractive destinations that you can visit on a day trip. Here are some examples:

The beautiful city of Trogir is only about 8 meters away and you can navigate as easily as Ciovo, an island located by the coast from Trogir. Go to Drvenik or Solta with the Maslinica spa town. Both islands are about 10 NM from Split.

Go to Brac with the beautiful beach of Zlatni Rat that offers so many postcards and enjoy the magnificent bay of Lucica with its amazing turquoise waters. Visit the villages of Bol and Milna. Purchase local olive and sheep cheese or try the lamb that is the dish of local specialties.

Anchor and swim in the stunning bay of Stivina, on the Isle of Vis, approximately. Split 27 NM. Go to Ravnik, a mini island located south of Vis. It is worth visiting, called Cova Verda, which is very large and can be reached by boat. Next, there is the nearby neighboring island Bisevo with the incredible Blue Cave for which you need tickets. Snorkel in the blue lagoon of the island of Budikovac, also in the south of Vis. The island is inhabited by one person throughout the year.

Cruise to the lively city of Hvar, with its Venetian palaces and charming streets and squares. Visit the fortress of Hvar. Go to the Paklinski archipelago on the south-west coast of Hvar. It is opposite the entrance to the port of Hvar. The name is derived from the pine resin that was previously harvested and was used to cover the vessels. It is a 10 km long chain of islands with a very bleeding coastline, which offers numerous coves to anchor, snorkel and fish, for example, the beautiful bay of Palmizana.

Korcula, about 32 meters from Split, and its beautiful old town with good souvenir shops and galleries is calling.

Next, there is the natural park of the Lastovo archipelago, south of Korcula, with an absolutely pure and intact nature.

Last national park, above all, sublime, of approx. 60 NM from Split, it is equally intact in nature to admire.

These are just a few suggestions. There is much more to discover and Split sailboat rental destinations are endless and completely undeniable.


Sailing rental in Palma De Mallorca-Mallorca


More than 50 years of vacation, although more than 90% of the holidays are taken to the stations located few kilometers from the sea. The seawater, swimming, a new and contrasted environment for our everyday existence are all rejuvenating. A walk to the beach, followed by a soft bath, will do more exercise in two weeks than many in one year.

As idyllic as this sounds, after a few days of toasting in a sun bed, the sad truth is that it can be a bit boring and sometimes stressful.

It is well known that our bodies need physical activity; Our minds are also stimulated by change, contrast and challenge.

The daily routine of the height: breakfast to move to the beach, stretch, sunbathe; get up: eat; Get ready to sunbathe; go up – back to the hotel; Drinking the meal – drinking-sleeping again and again may be boring after a few days.

Tour operators are now advisable and tourist centers have many activities and places of interest to avoid routine. Very marketed by tour operators motivated by the commission, it can be easily accessed and often transported in a too crowded coach included!

However, with some imagination and research, these conditions can be avoided.

The secret of a good day of vacations is to provide at least a good memorable experience that you can "hang the holiday hat" and say it later: "it was a great holiday!"

A sail trip is so far removed from the everyday life of most people, and will remain in memory for the next few years, as well as sometimes provide the spark that a child is interested in a new activity , especially in a classic yacht. All families can enjoy boat trips, from babies to cots to grandparents; the sportsman for the observer; People with disabilities and disabilities can enjoy the unique experience of a day at sea.

Even if you have never sailed before or are worried about sea sickness, try it! Good patrons will get your trust and have effective on-board treatments or suggestions that can cure you. Ultimately, ask them to take you to the coast.

The southeast coast of Mallorca is known as the most picturesque part of the island; For millions of years, the prevailing eastern winds and the sea have eroded the soft volcanic rock forming caves and canyons, carved rock formations, precious isolated bays, every hundred meters along the coast between Pollensa and Colonia St. George.

There are more maritime and nature conservation areas to explore along this coast that the rest of Mallorca: Cala Mondrago; Isla Cabrera; Ses Salines; Cala Figuera; Drach caves; Cala Santanyí; Porto Colom; Porto Cristo; Cala Ratjada; Cala Gran; Portopetro to name a few!

Nature lovers will appreciate a guided tour of parks on the coast; We also have experts in marine conservation that can accompany a boat rental with diving or diving to explore varied marine life. You can have the ship yourself or share the yacht with another family based on the number of individuals in the group. Enjoy the freshly prepared food, the open bar of drinks and the head of the sea and enjoy the wind in your face. You will not have a better healthy day.


Charter of boats in the Seychelles – Do you know the ABC to navigate this archipelago?


Beaches in the Seychelles archipelago are among the most famous in the world and have appeared in many movies and advertising sites. Surfing here means experiencing this dream landscape first hand. Admire the stunning coral atolls, a unique wildlife in this archipelago, lush mountains and colonial architecture. The conditions for the rental of yachts are perfect with tropical temperatures throughout the year and calm waters. It's as if you rent a boat to paradise!

What are the main features you will find when it comes to sailing sailing in the Seychelles?

The Seychelles International Airport offers many direct flights scheduled every day from and to European, African, Indian and Middle Eastern destinations. There are also very good ferry connections and you want between the larger islands.

The Republic of Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands with the capital Victoria in Mahé Island. It is located in the Indian Ocean, about 1,600 km east of the African continent, just south of the Equator. Other island states in the south of the Seychelles are Madagascar, The Reunion and Mauritius. The population is approximately 93,000, 90% of whom live in Mahé. It is the smallest population of any African independent state.

The Seychelles have 42 granite interiors islands that contain the three main islands Mahé, La Digue and Praslin, and cover a total area of ​​about 31,000 km² and an area of ​​266 km². Then there are 73 outer coral islands forming an arch towards Africa that has an area of ​​the sea about 400,000 km². The highest point of these islands is only 9 m and there are very few settlements. It should be noted that in a letter of one or two weeks, there probably is not enough time to navigate the two groups of islands. In this case, it is better to remain exclusively in the Inner Islands.

The archipelago is damaged by tropical temperatures moderated by the trade winds and most of its calm seas during the year. Thus, sailboat rental is possible throughout the year and navigation is easy. The landscape is impeccable and truly a paradise, with long sandy beaches, green mountains, waterfalls and a lush wildlife. The highest point is Morne Seychellois in Mahé at 905 m. You can find giant tortoises and see the famous coconut palm trees that are endemic to the Seychelles and have the largest plant seeds in the world. The underwater fauna and flora are fantastic and are ideal for scuba diving and diving as well as many other water sports. The Seychelles are very protective of their beautiful surroundings. There are seven national parks and four protected reserves and many safe anchors are created to prevent the coral reefs being destroyed.

In addition, you have friendly people, a very interesting culture, a lovely Creole cuisine with fresh and healthy food and British colonial architecture. All this adds a perfect holiday.

Some of the most important figures for boat rental in the Seychelles:

Location: Indian Ocean; about 1,600 km east of Kenya; 4 ° – 10 ° south of the equator

Surface: ground mass of 459 km²; total territory 1,374,000 km²

Number of islands: 115

Coastline: 491 km

Capital: Victoria

The most important islands: Mahé (156 km²) with the capital Victoria, Praslin Island, Silhouette Island, La Digue

Highest point: Morne Seychellois, 905 m

Population: 93,000

Climate: tropical, moderated by trade winds

Languages: Creole Seychellois, French, English

Tide: inland islands 0.9 to 2 m; Outer Islands from 1.8 to 4m

Main letter season: all year, mainly during European and American winter months

What are the most popular cruise liners and destinations in the Seychelles?

Navigating the inner islands or the "Bank of the Seychelles" means a calm, easy and protected cruise. There is always less than 32 NM between mooring possibilities. You will find many mooring buoys around the northwest of Mahé, northeast of Praslin and some neighboring islands. The distance between Mahé and Praslin is 27 NM and La Digue is nearby. Mahé Sun, which is the largest island, has miles of scenic coasts with white sandy beaches, coves and caves. La Digue and Praslin are some of the most impressive beaches in the world. Coral flooring is not allowed to be anchored, but there are many good anchors with sandy bottom 5-8 meters deep. Most Seychelles ports are located on the three main islands. Port Victoria has 210 moorings for yachts up to 34 m. The new Eden Island Marina can accommodate 140 boats and super yachts up to 100 m in length.

Crossing the Outer Islands you will find the main island groups of the Amirantes, the Alphonse Group, the Southern Coral Group, the Farquhar and Aldabra Group. These islands are between 130 and 630 square meters from Mahé and much less frequented, and therefore very natural and with special cruise zones.

Go to the marine parks of Cousin, Aride, in the marine national park of Curieuse, Ste. Anne's National Marine Park, Ile Coco's National Marine Park and St. Anne's National Marine Park. Pierre. There are specific areas for anchorage and officials will come to the yacht in order to collect the mooring and entry fees. Entrance fees are € 10 per person and for night anchors from € 10 the yacht will be charged.

What are the relevant weather systems relevant to your seamless vessel reservation in the Seychelles?

Due to the tropical climate, the Seychelles are suitable for navigation throughout the year. The water and the temperature of the air are, mainly, between 24 and 32º. The waters are calm because the coral reefs on top are breaking the waves. This makes navigation very easy. There are two main seasons. One from May to October with winds from the southeast. It is dry with only light rains but with stronger winds. The other from November to March is characterized by weaker northwestern winds and a bit more rains, but with calmer seas than in the dry season. April is the month between the seasons and there is no wind.

The month of January is the highest amount of rainfall with an average of 397 mm and the month of June, with an average of 63 mm. If it rains, however, it occurs especially after a few hours and in another part of the island or on another island it will be dry at the same time, making it easy to escape from the occasional shower. With the exception of the southernmost islands, the Seychelles are outside the range of the cyclone belt and there are no tropical storms.

Brief summary of the time for yacht rent in the Seychelles:

Months with the highest average temperature: March 31 / April

Months with the lowest average temperature: July 24 / August

Wind speed stronger: winds from southeast of May to October, from 10 to 20 knots

Month with maximum average precipitation: January of 379 mm

Month with the lowest average precipitation: June 63, June

Average humidity: approx. 80%

Month with the highest average sun: May, 252 hours

Month with the lowest of the average sun: January, 153 hours

How much does an yacht rental cost in the Seychelles archipelago and what type of rental is there?

The sailing sailing prices in Seychelles start at around € 2,250 per week and catamaran rental is the most important way to rent boats. Also frequent are trips on the high seas or sport fishing. You can make unmanned or manned navigation, and traditional and very modern yachts are available. Sports and diving teams are usually supplied with the yacht.

What's in addition to browsing for your boat rentals in the Seychelles?

Visit Praslin and the Vallée de Mai Reserve, UNESCO World Natural Heritage, which houses the legendary coconut palm with its huge coconuts that can take up to seven years to mature. There you will also find some of the rarest bird species in the world and some of the most beautiful Seychelles beaches.

Explore the island of birds, the northernmost island of the inner Seychelles. It is located about 100 km from Mahé and hosts the oldest, largest and heaviest turtle in the world, which is 170 years old and weighs 300 kg. There are hundreds of thousands of birds, some of which belong to very rare species.

Go fly fishing in the Outer Islands, where there are some of the best fishing areas in the world and you can catch huge fish in an impeccable setting.

Discover La Digue with its beautiful architecture. It is better to rent a bicycle and a bicycle. Visit the impressive Anse Source d'Argent beach that appears in Bacardi, Raffaelo and other announcements with pink sand and spectacular rocks.

Look at the French colonial architecture, that is, the historic cemetery with the tomb of the legendary pirate Olivier Le Vasseur and the cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, which is the main cathedral of the Seychelles. There is also a lot of British colonial architecture in Victoria, such as the clock tower, for example. You can also visit the botanic gardens and get to know the rich local flora.

Drive along the coastal roads of Mahé and explore the variety of tourist resorts like Eden Island, harbors and deserted beaches for a perfect experience. Go up to the mountains to enjoy breathtaking views such as the one on the island of Silhouette.

You can admire giant turtles in the natural parks. Go snorkeling, diving, kayaking or testing any other type of water sports available. Show local cuisine. It is a fusion of African, French, British, Indian and Chinese influences and includes a lot of fresh fish and exotic exotic species. Explore nightlife as well. Go to Victoria clubs and on the Beau Vallon beach and look out for tourists and sailors around the world.

We hope you have a good idea now, how is the boat rental in the Seychelles and what you have to offer this wonderful island state. Sure it's a paradise for yacht rental!


What kind of navigation course is most suitable for a beginner?


If you had the pleasure of sailing or boarding a boat while renting the oceans, you will know what a sensation is surprising and what option is achieved to break the normal one. the habits of daily life that usually cross. Everyone needs a vacation every now and then, even when you are a fortunate percentage who finds their way to work at a job they love, but even for those lucky souls, on vacation and breaking with the norm, do Something different and having new experiences in new environments is (in my opinion) so important to keep a healthy body and soul healthy and happy. Of course, there are many ways a person can make their vacation plans, it all depends on what they have missed in their "normal" routine of recent life and there will be holidays to relax, holidays to experience, vacations to learn , holidays for parties, romantic holidays, family vacations and self-catering holidays alone; who are you looking for yourself?

After arriving at my first vacation to learn to navigate a few years ago, I realized that I was doing a variety of experiences and entertainment from a single party and, finally, the goal is to leave the On the other side with new skills and perhaps one day, after some of these learning to navigate for the holidays, I could have absorbed enough information and learned both from experienced teachers and sail crews, I will be able to ' Get a certificate and a license from captains of boats and be able to rent a yacht to take the woman and the little island waiting. All this may seem like a dream, but it is definitely a realistic and surprising goal! So I can really recommend this type of vacation as a great way to "get away from everything" and to really miss me. The feeling of being in the ocean and feeling the wind in the air, breathing the coolest air, is really an incredible feeling. Next, due to the fact that you are learning a new skill and perhaps leaving your normal "comfort zone", you will usually focus on what you are doing at this particular time, which is a way to provide a similar effect in the mind, how could one meditate. Therefore, your mind is extracted from your usual thoughts and worries and places you in a concentration place. After a week or two of this holiday day as you learn, you will return to your normal life feeling totally new, renewed and willing to take over the world. Try it: you will be impressed and surprised by the difference that will make you feel the whole experience.

What type of navigation course should you register?

So, now you can buy the idea of ​​getting involved in all of the sailing sport and start planning where you will go and with whom, but where do you start? and what course should you start with, could you ask? In addition, what is the difference between the two main certified sailing authorities; RYA and ASA? Do not let these initial floods leave you off, as it really is not so overwhelming when you do it. RYA is the licensing license obtained from UK licensing authorities and ASA is a license granted by the US navigation authorities and there really is not so much the difference between the two. According to my experience and opinion, I would say that the RYA courses are more exhaustive and offer a higher learning than the courses and professors that can be expected when participating in the acquisition of American certificates, ASA and final license. RYA is probably most widely recognized and trusted throughout the world and, for this reason, it will probably open more doors for you, the only recount would be in how it is a more intense course and you may need more efforts and tends more reservations for you. energy So, if you are already drained of all your energy and want to avoid any circumstance of intense and complete learning, I would advise you to skip RYA courses and opt for simplified ASA learning. So after deciding which license / navigation certificates to work, then what will be the next? What course of the variety of different skills you need to learn, do you start? Fortunately, this is a very simple decision due to the name of the course: "Navigational browsing begins." Therefore, the name speaks for itself and makes it the first step towards the future of navigation. So now that you know more about how to get your "foot in the door" and where you have to start participating in a party to learn how to navigate, why not start looking for the perfect place to go and start the first course of navigation . Go with close friends or take your family and enjoy unique vacations that will allow you to get away from all your usual responsibilities. I am almost certain that he will be grateful to have my advice and to be well; You will have given your first steps towards a new hobby that you will enjoy for many years.


Holidays one week on the Aegean islands with a sailboat


Infinite hours on the beach, with views of the blue horizon, the night sky and the stars. Early in the morning, a cup of coffee, pajamas as a swimsuit and then immersed in the "big blue". Only you and your partner, on the islands, and even on the most popular islands. Candle holidays are a way of life, which, however, can be followed by everyone.

We started our navigation trip from the island of Paros. The advantage of Paros lies in the fact that Paros is located in the center of the Cyclades with so many islands around it, so that cruise vacations in Greece are an ideal choice.

This gives you the opportunity to navigate every day, regardless of where the wind flows, making your islands jump a dream.

There are so many options and many anchors that can be maintained even in very harsh conditions, as navigation is safe and enjoyable even for relatively inexperienced teams.

Day 1: turn to Paros to get your first destination, Naxos. Depending on the weather conditions, it will take 3-4 hours of navigation. Naxos is one of the largest islands in the Cyclades with great interest and many views. Do not miss the sunset in the old Apollo temple, a few meters from the marina. Grilled pop with "ouzo" is a "must" here.

Day 2: Today it has moved south, following the west coast of Naxos, located south of the island, in the bay of Kalando. Halfway, we will stop at a pleasant anchor, Roga, to swim and eat. Kalando is a special place. It is not a town, it offers a perfect refuge for the yacht. It is an isolated area with a long beach of sand and many kilometers of trails on the seafront, ideal for hiking in the pure nature. For dinner, a local grocery-led kiosk offers barbecue only with local products. Do not expect luxuries here. Without a doubt, it will be your favorite place at the end.

Day 3: I left Kalando towards Koufonisi. A short stop in a wonderful place, called Rina, where you can swim in the interior of a marine cave. Incredible colors everywhere. Kunfonisi is, by far, the most beautiful of the small Cycladic islands, with many sandy beaches everywhere. Rent a bike and visit 'all. Dinner at the "Captain Nicolas" site is outside of any type of negotiation, as well as a mojito frozen in the windmill, just above the marina.

Day 4: If the wind is strong, stay in the area visiting the nearby island of Kato Koufonisi and swim in the crystalline waters, doing a light dive or doing hiking. The area is very protected from the big waves, since the great island of Naxos in the north blocks the wind to make our lives on board more comfortable. In the afternoon, return to the same marina at Pano Koufonisi.

In case the weather permits, go to Amorgos, the island of the movie "Big Blue". Rent a car or a bicycle to explore the wild beauty of this sky. Visit the famous monastery with stunning views from the balcony and try "rakomelo", the local alcoholic beverage. Dinner at "Xilokeratidi" will be a memorable romantic event by the sea.

Day 5: Iraklia is another island of the "Small Cyclades" that is worth visiting especially for those who want to experience small, quiet, friendly and isolated places, representative of the Greek spirit. Thus, after a short stop to swim in Antikeros from Amorgos to Iraklia, we will end up in the picturesque port of the island.

Here you can swim in the nearby beach, diving from the yacht and excursions to enjoy pure nature. Dinner in Iraklia means that fresh fish and local taverns are kinder than in any other place and are prepared to meet your expectations.

Day 6: Antiparos, the last island of your cruise. After a 4-5 hour route of navigation and, of course, after the vital stop for lunch and swimming, we end up in Antiparos afternoon. Strolling through the small streets of the beautiful village, soup in one of the hundred restaurants and continue with a drink in one of the local bars. The nightlife here, especially during high season, is essential for everyone.

Day 7: Before navigating your final destination, visit the Cave of Antiparos. There are buses just 100 meters away from the yacht. When returning aboard, leave immediately to make a pleasant anchorage to a small island in the north of Antiparos with crystalline waters. The afternoon has arrived, as well as the farewell time.


Marazion – A history of the local sailing competition


There are sailing and races organized in Mount Bay dating to the middle of the 19th century. One of the local sailing clubs, the Sailing Club of Mount Bay, has trophies for this period; These trophies are still awarded annually for the sporting boat competition.

The first serious class race probably began in 1903 after the decision to adopt a Jolly Boat 18-foot class. Major, Mr. Edward St. Aubyn bought one and sailed to Mount Bay under the flag of the Royal Yacht Squadron. When he had to leave for service in Egypt, he gave the mountain men to run; It was renamed "Mount Lily".

In the thirties, the population of the Mont had increased and more people were interested in sailing and competing with sailing ships. Formal series races were introduced on Fridays on Tuesdays and Fridays with weekends reserved for regattas.

In 1938 a sailing club was founded, The Mount Bay Sailing Club, but its first activities were short-lived with the outbreak of war.

In 1946, the Sailing Club of Mount Bay was restored. The small fleet of Jolly Boats increased to eight with the purchase of three more vessels: "Westwind"; "Sheila"; and "Happy Days" of the Isles of Scilly. Competitive boat competitions in Mount Bay turned into a regular place and local rudders gained formidable reputation. The summer races took place between the fleets of Mount Bay and Isles of Scilly.

In 1954, renowned builder designer Uffa Fox visited Mount Bay to showcase its latest design, a 18-layer planning ship. It was bought by Lord St. Lead and named "Judy". In 1956, the Sailing Club fleet of Mount Bay of such ships reached five.

Towards the end of the 1950's, many members of the Mountain Mountain Sailing Club had come to prefer that Upprey was designed by Ian Proctor on the Uffa Fox ship. It was believed that fisherman Osprey was better suited to the often extreme weather conditions of Mount Bay. In 1960, 15 Ospreys regularly ran to the Club.

In 1959, Marazion hosted the second Osprey national championship: the member of the Mount Bay Sailing Club, Peter Gartrell, ended up as a runner-up. The following year he was upgrading to Stone Sailing Club, where he became a national champion. During the sixties and early seventies, the Osprey local fleet passed to the force of the fleet, which grew to more than 40 ships, which was believed to be the largest fleet in the world. In 1970 it turned out to be a sensational year for Osprey sailors from Marazion. In the national championships, held in Saundersfoot, with an entry of 99 boats, the helmets of Mount Bay Sailing Club (Ken Robertson, James Curnow, John Mathews, Ian Roxburgh and Neville Noye) took the top five positions. The Osprey is still a class of clubs established today.

Since the mid-1970s, light boat sailing has grown in popularity and there has been a local demand to navigate a wide range of ships. Over the years, the Sailing Club of Mount Bay has adopted the energy classes for companies, laser and mirror.

The Enterprise is a two-way or very navigable cruise ship designed by Jack Holt in 1956. More than 20,000 have been registered all over the world, but the design no longer navigates locally.

Laser is a popular small-design class, designed by Bruce Kirby. Almost 200,000 lasers have been produced. The laser owes its popularity to the very competitive races it provides as a consequence of tight-class association controls that eliminate the differences in helmet, candles and equipment. The Laser is an Olympic-class sporting boat.

The Mirror is a highly-conceived children's transport engine designed by Jack Holt and Barry Bucknell TV DIY expert in 1962. He used a new method of construction where the marine plywood sheets are kept together with copper and tape seams of fiberglass. They have built more than 70,000.

More recently, the Mount Bay Sailing Club has accepted fleet racing for single-handed disabilities that allow Club members to compete with many of the latest designs that could evolve the new fleets of the Club.

Every summer, Marazion hosts a lightweight national, European or worldwide sailing event.


Why use a catamaran is better than a sailing boat for hen parties


It is becoming popular that events such as a deer or a hen are carried on a ship in the sea. This not only makes the event a little more special, but is much more memorable for the participants involved. When hiring the boat, it is advantageous to hire a catamaran instead of a normal sailboat, and this article analyzes the advantages of hiring such ships.


A catamaran has two helmets, instead of a single helmet. This design makes a catamaran much more stable than a normal sailing ship, and is ideal for hen parties. If you are preparing food, the catamaran's stability makes it less dangerous to prepare food on a sailing boat, as the catamaran is not affected by waves and wakes up as if it were a sailboat. In addition, for participants, who can drink alcohol as part of celebrations, staying at a catamaran will relieve any feeling of sea sickness, as this type of boat will not move up and down like a sailboat .


Having two helmets to use instead of an increased space available. More friends can be invited to a catamaran, since the two helmets can be used by the people who attend the party. Having more space is inherently safer as there is more space to move around and this reduces the chances of collisions and possible accidents, especially if the celebration includes alcohol.


When you leave the sea, even a couple of miles away from the coast, sailboats are subject to heels. This is the process of inclining the ship while the wind hits the sails. Sometimes this incline can reach up to thirty degrees. This can be uncomfortable for the occupants of the ship, who are there to have fun. A catamaran will never stop, due to its stability. This means that people who are unaccustomed to surfing will still be able to enjoy themselves, instead of worrying about the effects of wind on the boat.


With two helmets comes two motors. This is an important factor to take into account, since in an emergency, a catamaran is able to travel faster than a sailboat and quickly reach the shore; A sailboat has only one engine. This can make party attendants more relaxed and be able to enjoy more.

When anchored, the visibility of a catamaran's interior, even when sitting, is total; the person can see everything around them that is outside.